The Midheaven (MC) is one of the four critical personal angles of a birth chart. It represents your highest aspirations, public image, career, or Midheaven in Sagittarius and Personality. If you have the sign Sagittarius on the MC, your public image takes on the qualities of the Mutable Fire sign...

Midheaven in 9th house

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven At a very early age you will learn that life requires hard work and ceaseless activity if you want to get ahead. Also, you want to be a person of significance when you are older, so you will start working while quite young to get where you want to go. Sep 05, 2011 · Ninth house people: The ninth house has to do with a sense of meaning, purpose and philosophy. Teachers, priests, lawyers, advisors, gurus and experts of any sort are related to the ninth house. Father. Activities: Teaching, leading seminars, learning from teachers, discussing philosophy, preaching, leading others toward truth and righteousness ... The impact left a gaping, burning hole near the 80th floor of the 110-story skyscraper, instantly killing hundreds of people and trapping hundreds more in higher floors. READ MORE: On 9/11, Heather Penney Tried to Bring Down Flight 93 in a Kamikaze Mission. How Many People Died in 9/11 Attacks?Conjunctions to the Midheaven by Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D. By solar arc direction and progression, the Midheaven moves at the same speed as the Sun. Most of us will experience the conjunction of Midheaven to a natal planet or planet to natal Midheaven at least once in our lives, signaling major life changes of some kind. Midheaven in Aries Midheaven in Aries people are strongly motivated to succeed - sometimes at any and all costs. Highly competitive, they can be cutthroat in their career field. Midheaven in Taurus Patient, tenacious and hands-on practical, Midheaven in Taurus people are in it for the long haul.

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In the Placidus house system, the Midheaven forms the cusp of the 10th house; in the equal house system it can be found in the 9th, 10th or 11th house. The other end of this axis, 'beneath' the earth, is the point known as the IC or Immum Coeli.The Midheaven sign represents our life goal The...The third house is the foundations of our thoughts and education. It’s our basic interests in knowledge, intelligence and facts. When you see your third house, you see the base of your mental processes and files which layout your further and wider reading and intelligence. The ninth house is the details and philosophies put on top. In the twelve months in which the Moon is placed in the ninth SR house, your desire to escape, to "run away”, to travel or at least to escape through imaginary faraway worlds will increase. It will most probably be a year of openness and / or possibilities in this sense (especially as far as journeys are concerned).
Aug 23, 2011 · In the whole sign and equal house systems the Medium Coeli (Mid heaven), the highest point in the chart, does not act as the cusp or starting point of the 10th house. Instead the MC moves around... 5th house – expression of spiritual will, actualization of Higher Self. 6th house – personality integration, service through healing and nurturing. 7th house – the path of inner union between the soul and personality. 8th house – the path of the awakening of soul consciousness. 9th house – knowledge of Cosmic Law and Ancient Wisdom.